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NEW September 5, 2020: The demo of my reloading program is now available via the link below.

I'm always ready and willing to exchange and share experiences and knowledge in the field of metallic reloading with beginners and experts alike.  With this in mind, I have developed an instructional program for beginning to intermediate metallic cartridge reloaders, entitled: "RELOADIN' WITH THE OL' MISSOURI HILLBILLYŠ"

The program originated as a narrated Powerpoint presentation I use for presenting reloading seminars.  The total presentation consists of over sixty slides with step by step instructions and discussion of equipment options, from the simplest to quite sophisticated.  The program contains many detailed photographs in addition to an audio track for each slide.

The Demo link will give you a brief sample of the program, by playing six of the slides along with their audio narrative.  The slides are selected from the program as examples of the types of slides in the overall presentation.  Make sure your speakers are on.   The demo is a video in .m4v format that should play on most modern browsers.  If you have a slow internet connection like my satellite setup with HughesNet, the demo will take a while to load so be patient.

I'm not looking to make a living selling these things, but if you would like to add this resource to your reloading library, I can send it to you on flash drive.  I'm asking $20.00 per copy, basically to cover my costs for the flash drives and mailing.  The material can be sent as a Powerpoint presentation.  Don't have Powerpoint?  I can include a package that will allow any modern pc to play the program.  If you are on MAC equipment you already have Keynote, which will also play a powerpoint presentation.  If you're interested, click me off an email and we'll arrange to get one out to you.

To see demo click Here