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July/August 2020:  The West is Burning; Jennifer's Birthday; COVID Precautions; Remodeling Activities; Yeti USB Microphone; Reloading Presentation; In Person Facebooking
May/June 2020:  Soapbox on Covid and Protests; Special Hunt Drawings; Cougar At The Ranch; Home Remodel
March/April 2020:  Soapbox on Gun Control and Pandemic; Things We Do During Shutdown; Morel Mushrooms; Shooting With Vortex Red Dot Sight
January/February 2020:  Elks Band; Soapbox; 58th Anniversary; Missouri Deer Hunting

November/December 2019:  Moose Hunt; OnX Hunt App; Rick's Buck; Christmas; Rifle Magazines; Soapbox
September/October 2019:  Moose Ammo and Moose Hunting; Missouri Visit; Skidmore Missouri and Vigilante Justice; Two Bars Seven Ranch; Buffalo Bill Center Cody, Woming; Early Deer Season; Birthdays
July/August 2019: Jennifer's Birthday; Mystery Bullets; Lyman Brass Catcher and Borecam; Shooting At The Ranch; Potential Moose Ammunition; Soapbox
May/June 2019: 
Another AR-15; Otis Gun Cleaning Products; Jennifer's GMC Jimmy; Ann's new Ford Edge ST;  Elks Memorial Day Service at Memorial Gardens; Rick's and My 10 and 15 year Hunter Education Instructor Certificates; Rick's Birthday
March/April 2019:  Washington's Initative 1639; Mounting a Scope; Some New Toys
January/February 2019:  Yukon Navigation System; Shot Show Hotel Room; More Deer Hunting Stuff; Fifty-seventh Anniversary
November/December 2018:  Apple Harvest; Deer Hunting; Jim's Buck; Ann's Buck; Antlerless Harvest; Homemade Man Lift; Missouri Deer; Jennifer's Graduation from Washington State University; Christmas 2018
September/October 2018:  Birthdays; Tacos; Deer Season; Sighting In Rifles; Rick's Buck; Bobcat Picture
July/August 2018:  Internet Service in the Shop; Home Projects; Jennifer's Birthday; Tillamook RV Trip; Wallace, Idaho Huckleberry Festival
May/June 2018:  New Gun; Some Soapbox; Eye Trouble; Rick's Birthday; Joseph, Oregon RV Trip; Concealed Carry
March/April 2018:  Knee Replacement and Therapy Stuff
January/February 2018:  New Year's Day Dinner; Las Vegas Trip for Shot Show; Fifty-sixth Anniversary; Knee Replacement Preparation
November/December 2017:  Deer Hunting; More Reloading; Christmas Dinner and Gifts; Cooking Venison Steaks; Snow Removal
September/October 2017:  More Birthdays; Scope Mounting; Shooting and Sighting In Rifles; Reloading for .300 Win Mag; Hunter Education
November 2016 - August 2017:  A Lot of Catching Up
September/October 2016:  Skunked for Deer at the Ranch; Birthdays; Ed's Elk Hunt
July/August 2016: Cooper Magazine Problem; Another Left Hand Sako M85; Cougar Sighting; Jennifer's 20th Birthday; 2016 GMC Yukon Denali; Unique Ice Cream
May/June 2016:  Shooting the Cooper and Browning .280's; Rick's Birthday; Doppler Radar for Bullet Velocity
March/April 2016:  Review of Carson Universal Smartphone Adaptor
January/February 2016:  Passing of Ann's Mom; Some Historical Happenings During a nearly 104 Year Life
November/December 2015:  Ann's Birthday; WSU Football Game; Deer Hunting; Windstorm and Snow; Bye Bye 2014 Cadillac; Christmas; New Year; Elks Memorial Service; Shot Show in Las Vegas
September/October 2015:  Colorado Elk; Deer Season; Modifying the Savage .308; Sighting In Rifles; More About LASERLYTE; Turkey Hunting; Birthday 73
July/August 2015:  Fire Season; No Shooting; Hunter Education; Jennifer's Birthday, Wallace Huckleberry Festival; Scoping the Sako; Moose Visitors
May/June 2015:  Hunter Education; Midwest Trip; Visiting Family; Mount Rushmore; Some Family History; Mother's Day; Father's Day; New Guns
March/April 2015:  .280 Remington Ammo; Hunter Education; Earthquake
January/February 2015:  Shot Show; Nissan Titan XD; Springtime and Golf; Hunter Education Preparation
November/December 2014:  More Cooper and Browning; Deer Hunting; Washington's I-594; Ed's Moose Hunt; Missouri Deer Hunting; Christi's Birthday
September/October 2014:  More Cooper and Browning; Road trip to Wyoming; Mounting the Leupold scopes; Sighting in
July/August 2014:  Second installment of Cooper vs Browning;  Interesting reloading dilemma; Jennifer's 18th Birthday; College and Sorority Girl; Office remodel
May/June 2014:  First installment of Cooper vs Browning; Rick's Birthday; Jennifer's Graduation
March/April 2014: Two New Rifles (maybe)
January/February 2014:  No New Rifles Yet; Eye Trouble; Shoulder Surgery; Missouri Deer
November/December 2013:  Trophy Gopher; Ann's Birthday; Deer Season; Soapbox
September/October 2013:  Deer Season; Scope Mounting; Sighting In; Birthday
July/August 2013Moose Sightings; Savage Lady Hunter; Cooper Firearms; Cooper Western Classic; Jennifer 17th Birthday
May/June 2013Rick's Birthday; New Gun; Reloading and Ballistic Tips; Plans for New Guns
March/April 2013:  Hunter Education Instructor of the Year; Elks Outstanding Service Commendation; Missouri Deer 2012; Little Bit Of Soapbox
January/February 2013:  Mostly Soapbox
November/December 2012:
  New Gun; New Tractor; Birthdays; Cross Country; Deer Hunting; Family Shooting Session
September/ October 2012:  Cooper Firearms, Cross Country Running, Birthday, Deer Season
July/August 2012:  Australia Trip; Port Townsend; Jennifer's 16th Birthday; Rick's New Truck
June 2012:  Jennifer's Track; Turkey Hunting; Australia; Hunter Education
May 2012:  100th Birthday Celebration; Installing An Aftermarket Trigger; Mainstream Media
April 2012:  Officer of the Year, Hunter Education In-service Training, Mid-west Trip, Australia
March 2012:  Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Friends of NRA, Hunter Education Program, Jennifer Cross Country
February 2012:  Fiftieth Anniversary, Cooper Rifles
January 2012:  Christmas, New Year's Celebration, Soapbox
December 2011:  More Soapbox, Deer Season, Rick's New Rifle, Reloading for Weatherby Vanguard
November 2011:  Girls Regional Cross Country; Erik Eike Kilimanjaro Custom Rifle Bear Hunt;
Reloading and Case Cleaning; Some Soapbox about
"Operation Fast and Furious"