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This section of our site is dedicated to news and information about the Washington State Hunter Education Program.

As I get older, I have begun to wind down some of the activities I have been involved in for many years.  One of those activities is teaching and acting as Chief Instructor for Hunter Education Classes.  While I plan to remain active as a helper in other classes headed by fellow instructors,  I'm calling myself 'semi-retired.'  Rick will also scale back his activities but remain active in a few classes as well.
(There are still direct links on this page to pictures of our completed classes over the past several years)

For class pictures and information about our completed 2016 classes, click HERE, 2015 classes, click HERE, 2014 classes, click HERE; 2013 classes, click HERE, 2012 classes, click HERE, 2011 classes, click HERE, 2010 classes, click HERE.

Rick and I previously taught with a team at the former Sportsman's Warehouse Store at Spokane Valley Mall.  Click HERE to see pictures of graduating students from our 2007, 2008, and 2009 classes.

The State of Washington requires that all prospective hunters, born on or after January 1, 1972, successfully complete an approved Hunter Education course before they can purchase a hunting license.  As you would expect, the demand for these classes is very high, and more instructors are always needed.

Instructors are volunteers, and work under the auspices of the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife.  Even though instructors are in 'unpaid' status, they are afforded liability protection the same as regular, paid employees of the State.

If you have an interest in becoming an Instructor, email Jim Parman via the above link.

Even if becoming a certified instructor is not something you want to pursue at this time, additional help is always appreciated.  Parents, grandparents, etc. are welcome to attend the classes and are encouraged to assist the instructors if they so desire and have pertinent knowledge and skills to contribute.

Washington is reciprocal with other States and Canadian Provinces, so that our Hunter Education cards are honored in those states, and vice versa.  If you plan to hunt in another state or province, it is wise to check well ahead of time as some require Hunter Education no matter your age or birth date.