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Jim n Ann Parman
About Us

Let me introduce myself and my wife Ann.  (Better known as 'Little Heifer')

Since 1985, Ann and I have lived in the hills a few miles outside Spokane, Washington, on a little piece 'a timber land we call the 2 Lazy 2 P Ranch. We're transplanted Missouri Hillbillies, with stops in Omaha and Denver, on the way to Spokane.  Guns and Huntin' have been a big part of my life since I was just a "pup" growin' up in the Northwest corner of the 'Show Me State.'

One of the best things about where we now live: We have many alternatives on our acreage where we can SAFELY shoot firearms for hunting, target shooting, pest control, and just plain plinkin'!  Not since I left home as a kid, have I been able to walk out of the house, take two steps, and be huntin'!  I have a shootin' range set up just outside my shop door for 100 yard bench rest work, although it is sometimes necessary to chase the deer or turkeys off the range so we can use it!

We've been retired since 2003, Ann from a Secretary/Office Manager position for the local Machinist's Union, me as a Commissioner with the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service.  Yes, retirement is still WONDERFUL!!!  What a great feeling to know that we don’t have to dance to the tunes played by someone else.  Instead we just make our own music!

If I’m completely honest though, I do have to admit that I still do some fancy steppin’ when the Little Heifer tunes up her fiddle.  As an example, when we both became eligible to begin drawing our Social Security,  I allowed, as to how this little bit of extra funds could finance 'bout 4 new rifles and scopes each year.  But, Little Heifer fiddled a different tune!  (How about ONE new rifle, Darlin'? per year, of course)

Even though we are getting a little 'long in the tooth' with the aches, pains, and ailments that go along with aging, we are still active and enjoying life.  Golfing, hunting, teaching hunter education classes, traveling, shooting, reloading ammunition, RV'ing with our travel trailer, and being active in our Elks Lodge keeps both of us pretty busy.

We have lots of critters on the place from time to time.  We have seen and photographed deer, elk, moose, bear, turkeys, coyotes, and various neighborhood dogs, cats, and horses over the years.

I'll insert a few pictures of happenings since we moved to our little ranch.

Nice Black Bear for Ann - 1991

Nothin' like shootin' a turkey in your PJ's

Ann and Jennifer with Ann's nice buck - 2008

Ann with her buck in 2010 - This one hangs on the wall in the stairway

Ann's 2015 Buck

Jennifer and me with a bobcat I killed in 2006

2008 Gobbler with Jennifer

Here's a nice buck I shot in 2009 in the middle of a raging snowstorm

My 2010 buck

This is one of my better ones from 2011

Nothing like sighting in a rifle while a moose eats your plum tree - This was in 2008

Jennifer and Rick sighting in her new Henry .22 - 13th Birthday gun

Jennifer and her first deer - 2007

Jennifer's first buck - 2008

Moose and twin calves in 2010

Ann and Me at our 50th anniversary party - 2012

It does snow sometimes here at the ranch

The snow is very pretty when the sun shines on it

So there you have a few of the happenings in our neck of the woods in recent years.  Great place to live!  One of the better things about living in our little hide-a-way; it passes the neighbor test:  "If you can pee off your porch the neighbors ain't too close!"

We always enjoy hearing from friends, relatives, and heck, even strangers.  So, click us off an email and let us know what's going on in your life

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