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Hunter Education
2016 Class Pictures

If I have identified anyone incorrectly or misspelled a name, please let me know via this email link:

August 2016 Class

Whew!  We completed our fourth and last Hunter Education class of 2016 on August 13th.  Registration opened for this class on July 24th at 10:00 PM.  We again found the class booked full in about 12 hours, with another six on the wait list!

If you wonder about the sigh of relief as we end our Hunter Safety year, it might be because our volunteers put a lot of time and effort into this endeavor.  Since this is the last class of the year, I decided to look at the records and see exactly how that time and effort totaled up.  The hours worked and miles driven by our Volunteers, I believe, are quite impressive.




There were also considerable dollars spent in getting all this done.  Live fire ammunition, the Cabela's gift cards we give away, snacks for breaks at classroom sessions, teaching materials, office supplies, and other miscellaneous items do add up.  The Northwest Sportsman's Club provides a generous budget for many of these expenses while the Elks Lodge contributes our classroom space and provides copy machine use for our paperwork.  The Hauser Lake Gun Club also provides their facilities free of charge along with donating the clay targets used in our live fire exercises.  Other things we need and use, along with fuel and vehicle expenses, simply come from the pockets of our volunteers.

A portion of our budgeted funds goes to the Elks Lodge and Hauser Lake Gun Club for their support and contribution to our Hunter Education and Gun Safety efforts.  In past years this has been in the form of a cash donation to each organization.  For the Elks Lodge this year, the donation came in the form of nearly $1,200 worth of lightweight, composite tables. Thus allowing the Lodge to dispose of the
outdated, worn out, heavy, wooden tables used for banquets and other activities, not to mention the backbreaking chore of moving them around!

Now, on to the results of our latest class.  On August 13th, after four evenings of classroom sessions at the Elks Lodge, and the regular excursion through the field course and live fire exercises at the Hauser Lake Gun Club, we graduated 18 students.


Jerry Barron instructing Isaac Knight on Break Action Shotguns as Kyler Talbott looks on


Rick Parman observes as Freddie Sides and Kyler Talbott pratice safely handing off firearms before crossing an obstacle. (Photo courtesy of Blake Butner)


Front Row:  Koko Mohamed; Joshua Rich; Chester Rich; Freddie Sides; Harmony Sides; Joshua Knight

Middle Row:  Alyson Burns; Andrew Fox; Gaje Ventress; Spencer Paulson; Kyler Talbott;  Aaron Fuzak

Back Row:  Sierra Inkpen; Kimberly Fox; Spencer Fox; Curtis Messersmith; Benen Bischoff; Isaac Knight

Here are our gift card winners along with two Parmans:


Ann Parman; Alyson Burns ($100); Chester Rich ($50); Rick Parman

July 2016 Class

We completed our third class of 2016 on July 16th.  This class was booked full within a few hours of going online for registration, with 8 more on the system's automated wait list!

Kalkomey Enterprises of Dallas, Texas is the vendor for the online registration and reporting system for the Department of Fish and Wildlife's Hunter Education program.  They are continually updating and making improvements, many of which are designed to make it easier for us more 'mature' folks to avoid screwing it up.

For example, Lead Instructors no longer have to administer a wait list for classes.  Instead, upon finding a class full, the prospective registrant simply adds their name and email address to the online wait list.  Then, if there is a cancellation, the first wait listed person receives an automated email asking them to register.  The opening is held for 24 hours, and if there is no response, the next person on the list is notified.  This continues until the class is again filled, or the registration period ends.

The four evenings of instruction at the Spokane Elks Lodge were somewhat busier this time than our previous class.  Going from six students to twenty makes for a struggle to give everyone an opportunity to learn what is expected about the five firearm actions with which they work.

Here I'm instructing on how caliber is determined

Stan Flugel (left) and Michelle Flugel instructing on Bolt Action and Lever Action Rifles

Dr. Steve Belknap working with students on Pump Action Shotguns

The July 2016 Class:

Front Row:  Joseph Birkland; Jared Folsom; Eleanor Folsom; Christine Weaver; Angela Cagle

Second Row:  Hayden Anderson; Hunter Cagle; Joshua Humphreys

Third Row:  Olivia Andrews; Madison Cagle; Sydni Goulding; Marcus Folsom; Chandler Blahuczyn

Fourth Row:  Charlie Birkland; Melissa Garza; Josiah Jackson; Joseph Honkomp

(Also Graduating, but not pictured were Kyle Burnett and Wyatt Smith)

As usual we gave away two Cabela's gift cards, one for $50 and another for $100.  Each student under 18 years of age draws a ticket from a hat.  The matching halves are then mixed up and drawn for the prizes.

Here are the winners along with the Parman Clan:

Marcus Folsom ($50) and Joseph Birkland ($100) with Ann, Me, and Rick Parman

May 2016 Class

Already halfway through the 2016 Hunter Education Classes!  On May 21st we graduated six students after their field course and live fire at the Hauser Lake Gun Club.  The culmination of the field day activity consists of firing five rounds at flying clay targets thrown from trap house two.  The smiles of the shooter and cheers from those watching the action when a clay is pulverized, make the work that goes into doing this all worthwhile!

The field day was preceded by the traditional four evenings of classroom work at the Elks Lodge, where the students heard lectures on modern firearms, muzzle loading, ammunition, safe gun handling, safe shooting, conservation, and wildlife management, supplemented by Power Point presentations, and videos.  Time was also spent learning to operate, load and unload, (with inert or 'dummy' ammunition) the five basic firearm action types.  Pump action, lever action, bolt action, semi-auto action, and break action firearms were all handled by the students.

We were a bit disappointed that we had only six graduates, but with only ten registrants and four of them 'no-shows' that's the way it worked out.  We suspect that end of school year activities may have played a role in the lack of participation.  The good thing about the fact that we had more instructors and volunteers than students, was the one on one attention and support that we were able to provide.

Here is our graduating class.

Front Row:  Eric Santora; Marena Stewart, Emerald Maple

Back Row:  Liam Reagan; Andreanna Hiatt; Elizibeth Hiatt

As we normally do, two Cabela's gift cards were presented to two of the lucky graduating students via a random draw.  With only four eligible youngsters, the odds were pretty good for this class!

Eric Santora ($50) and Andreanna Hiatt ($100) pictured with Stan Flugel, President of the Northwest Sportsman's Club.  (Hey Eric, where's your smile?)

Since we don't often have an opportunity to picture our instructor and volunteer crew, we decided to all gather 'round our graduates for a photo.

Seated in Front:  Jerry Barron; Chuck Porter; Michelle Flugel; Stan Flugel; Cathy Barron

Left to right on both sides of the class in back:  Dr. Steve Belknap; Jim Parman; Rick Parman; Ann Parman

We also had one student who scored 100% on the written test.  Here is Emerald Maple being congratulated and presented her certificate by Rick Parman

Again, a big thank you to Northwest Sportsman's Club, Elks Lodge #228, Hauser Lake Gun Club and our dedicated Volunteers for your support!


April 2016 Class

We completed our first Hunter Education Class of 2016 on April 23rd.  After four evenings of classroom work at the Elks Lodge, sixteen students navigated a field course at the Hauser Lake Gun Club.  They were required to make shoot-don't shoot decisions and safely navigate fences and obstacles, all while maintaining safe muzzle control of their firearms.

The students were then escorted two at a time to the firing line at trap house two, where they shot 5 rounds at clay targets with a 20 gauge shotgun.  With SAFETY being the primary goal, actually hitting any of the clay pigeons is not a requirement.

However, this group probably broke more targets than any previous class we’ve had.  For only the second time I can recall, one student pulverized all five targets, one hit four, and a couple more hit three.  All in all, a great showing for mostly beginner shooters!

Here are some photos from the classroom:


Rick Parman instructing on firearm nomenclature

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Officer Jason Langbehn speaking to the class

Michael Moll and Evelyn Reagan practicing obstacle crossing with ‘dummy guns’

Stan Flugel and Rick Parman demonstrating gun handling with ‘real guns’ and ‘dummy ammunition’

Here is the April 2016 graduating class:

Back Row:  Ron Dykes; India Dykes; Dallas Summers; Celeste Drummond; Marc Allen

Middle Row:  Michael Moll; Evelyn Reagan; Isaiah Cravalho; Vivienne Fredricks; Bailee Jones

Front Row:  Thomas Bunch; Robert Logan; Earl Howerton; Kate Howerton; Jonathan Vollmer; Justin Summers

As usual, we held a drawing for students under 18 years of age, for Cabela’s Gift Cards.  One $50 card and one $100 card were given away, courtesy of the Northwest Sportsman’s Club.

Gift Card winners Michael Moll ($100) and Isaiah Cravalho ($50) along with Ann Parman

We again want to thank the Elks Lodge, Hauser Lake Gun Club, and Northwest Sportsman’s Club for your support.  Also, a big thank you to the volunteers who really make all this possible.  Blake Butner, son of one of our Elks employees, was a student two years ago and is now our newest volunteer.

Special thanks to Ann Parman, without whom all the paperwork involved in this process would never get organized and completed.