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2015 Class Pictures





If I have identified anyone incorrectly or misspelled a name, please let me know via this email link: jim@oldmissourihillbilly.com

(Class pictures posted most recent first)

Our August Hunter Education Class is now history.  On August 8th we graduated 18 students after completion of four evenings of classroom work at the Spokane Elks Lodge and a field day at Hauser Lake Gun Club.

Each student completed a field course in hunting simulations with shoot, don't shoot scenarios and various obstacles to navigate safely.  Then the students had an opportunity to fire five rounds from a 20 gauge shotgun at clay birds thrown from the trap house.  Cheers and applause rang out from the observers each time a clay exploded at the shot.  The number of hits ranged from three out of five to zero, but all had a SAFE experience.

Now we volunteer instructors and helpers can take a few months off to rejuvenate ourselves for next year!

Here's our August class:

Back Row:  Brett Watson; Andrew Van Wormer; Jeffrey Hubbard; Quentin Watson; David Lincks

Middle Row:  Andrew Fernald; Erika Preuschoff; Kellan Watson; Michael Manor; Zachary Craig; Joyanne Lincks

Front Row:  Crusismelda Cisneros; Wesley Riek; Kayla Shupert; Zakary Phothivongsa; Tanner Schenk; Mark Watson; Sean Lincks

We must also mention that Erika and Michael both scored 100% on the written test!  Good job!

The winners of the Cabela's Gift Cards from this class were:

Tanner Schenk ($100 winner) and Mark Watson ($50 winner) along with instructor Rick Parman


Our July Hunter Education Class, number three for 2015, is now in the books.  Reports have been completed and the 18 graduates will soon receive their official Hunter Education Cards in the mail.  Most are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to purchase their first hunting license and anticipating the fall season openings for the multiple hunting opportunities in this area.

Some very welcome rain showers greeted us as we arrived at the Hauser Lake Gun Club about 6:00 AM on Saturday, July 11th.  The light rain continued throughout the morning so everyone got a little damp as we progressed through the field course and live fire.  No one voiced a complaint, as this was much more comfortable than the 100+ degree weather we've experienced over the past couple of weeks!

Lest we forget, the Greater Spokane Elks Lodge, Hauser Lake Gun Club, and Northwest Sportsman's Club, along with a cadre of unpaid, dedicated Instructors and Volunteers make all this possible and free of charge!

Here is our graduating class:

Back Row:  Erik Stacy; Ethan Hockett; Jeremy Grimsby; Muhammad Akram; Thomas Murgatroyd; Jon Piekarski

Middle Row:  Makenna Stacy; Selina Krous; Trygve Grimsby; Tristin Mallotte; Gage Steffen; Aiden Raling

Front Row:  Justice Losey; Christian Maple; Tyler Conrath; Tyler Stitt; Ryan Conrath; Matthew Larson

The winners of our two Cabela's Gift Cards:

Gage Steffen ($100 Winner); Stan Flugel - NWSC Pres; Justice Losey ($50 Winner)

Another matter of interest for this class was the inclusion of the fourth member of one family to have joined in our classes over the past three years.

Here are Rick and I along with Donna Stitt, and sons Johnathan, Tyler, and Connor.  Donna and Johnathan were in our July class in 2013, Connor in July 2014 and now Tyler in 2015.

As we were getting everyone lined up for this picture, Donna commented on her participation in the 2013 class.  She exclaimed, "I was more nervous during that class than I was at my own wedding!"

We believe we must be doing something right when we have repeat business as family members reach the age when the parents think they are ready to take Hunter Education.  A number of other families have done the same over the years as well.

Two down and two to go!  We graduated our second Hunter Education Class of 2015 on May 9th.  We again had a full enrollment of 20 students, but what with no-shows and an illness, again graduated 15 students.  As previously reported, the students fire five rounds of 20 gauge shotgun at clay targets thrown from trap house two.  We emphasize safety rather than marksmanship, so no one has to hit any of the flying clay discs in order to pass the class.  However, for the first time since we've been shooting at Hauser Lake Gun Club, one of our new shooters broke all five targets!  Congratulations Thomas!

Here's our May 2015 graduating class:

Back Row:  Jeffrey Edwards; Kristin Daschbach; Daniel Jones; Hannah Wolrehammer; Scotty Walker

Middle Row:  Dylon Adams; Benjamin Chadduck; Axtyn Buyea; Ayden Buyea; David Payton II

Front Row:  Thomas Taman; Catherine Adams; Russell Isam; Kami Mondoux; David Payton

And here are the winners of the Cabela's gift cards:

Dylon Adams ($100) and Axtyn Buyea ($50) along with Stan Flugel, President of the Northwest Sportsman's Club


We completed our first Hunter Education Class of 2015 on April 18th.  After four evenings of classroom work at the Spokane Elks Lodge, fifteen students navigated a field course at the Hauser Lake Gun Club in groups of 3 or 4.  They were required to make shoot-don't shoot decisions and safely navigate fences and obstacles, all while maintaining safe muzzle control of their firearms.  They were then escorted to the firing line at trap house two, where they shot 5 rounds at clay targets with a 20 gauge shotgun.

Here's our April 2015 graduating class:

Back Row:  Jonah Keith; Jarrett Browning; Nathan Dahl; Brittney Minden; Liam Reagan; Nicholas Eshleman

Middle Row:  Marrissa Poquette; Connor Reagan; Sharyl Stommes; Emily Heskett; Ryan Heskett

Front Row:  Amanda Butler; Sean Reagan; Trisha Reagan; Jenna Browning

Here are the winners of the Cabelas Gift Cards with some of the instructors and volunteers:

Chuck, Rick, Michelle, Connor Reagan ($100), Stan (NWSC Pres), Jonah Keith ($50), Ann, and Jim

Jarrett, Nathan, and Connor at the firing line monitored by Stan, Jim, and Chuck